I can’t tell you how many times I start and restart these reflections. They are, arguably, one of my favorite parts of H2L’s birthday celebrations. For a number of reasons, one being I love to write and this gives me an excuse to sit down and let the ink flow (okay, let the keys type, but you get what I meant).

Another reason is that I freaking LOVE this place and I’ll write it, type it, chalk it, post it and frankly scream it to anyone who will listen.

I could talk circles around everything that has happened and changed for us in the past 6 years, I could talk even more about what has happened in the past year alone. The fitness industry has been referred to as one of the “hardest hit by the public-health crisis” in many articles I’ve read. I feel that. I get that. They aren’t wrong.

fitness classesYou know something else those articles say?! “Of the studios and gyms that survived…” and then they go on to talk about home workouts, capacity rules, etc. Whatever..all of the new normals we’re accepting.

“Of the studios and gyms that survived”

I feel that. I feel that one to my core. It makes me pause, it makes me wonder, it makes me happy, it makes me a little sick. I feel it.

We’re here. We survived. H2L is here and it’s because of you! It’s because when we needed YOU, when YOU needed us, we were here for EACH OTHER.

Last year I wrote (just one week into the shutdowns) about our community. I wrote about the life events, and the different stages we’ve experienced together.

When H2L opened I was fresh out of college – in the past 6 years, I’ve gotten engaged, married, and had 2 kids. My priorities have changed, my life has changed, I have changed. H2L was there, with me, every step of the way. I know the same story is true for many of you. I’ve seen you guys celebrate your own engagements, marriages, children, your children’s engagements, their weddings, and their children. You’ve gotten pets, switched jobs, gone on trips… and we’ve been a part of those things with you. I freaking love that. I freaking love this place.

We’ve been here for EACH OTHER.

So when I read things like, “Of the studios and gyms that survived”, I go back through all of my past reflections, I go back to what makes H2L so special that we were able to weather this storm. I don’t need to reinvent the wheel here so I’m pulling from my past reflections.

What makes H2L Special? What did we have that helped us survive this past year? If you have some time, click back through. As Brian McKnight would say in a 1999 pop song, start back at one.

Year 1:
1 Year at H2L: What I’ve Learned
Year 2: A true list of what I love about H2L
Year 3: Change is Good! We’ve all had to try something new at some point
Year 4: Our team of instructors, the masters of their craft
Year 5: We support each other in each stage of life
Year 6: We’ve survived.

This year I don’t have any profound reflections, this year we survived and that’s enough for me.
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PS. Here’s a look at our free classes and giveaways this month! Let’s celebrate!