Cycling FAQ

Do I  use a different package for Cycling and Yoga?
You don’t! We recently merged our packages so you can jump around and try different classes. The key to a healthy workout routine is variety, so we hope you can now achieve that!

Your first class is $5
Single class $15
5 pack of classes is $55
10 pack of classes is $100

We also added an unlimited package for $129 a month, recurring charge.

What should I wear/bring?
You must have solid-sole sneakers or cycling shoes [Double Link with SPD and Triple Link Compatible]. Try to take layers off BEFORE class starts – you will get sweaty and tired and it’s easier to take your long-sleeve off before the ride starts.  We like to think or seats are comfy [after 2-3 rides], but bike shorts can help – no loose shorts/pants!  Towels provided!

It’s a good idea to bring some water as well! Actually, it’s a great idea… that’s why we bolded the statement. Bring water to cycling!

What’s all the Power about?
Our bikes are equipped with MPower consoles that will display stats on your ride.  Seeing these numbers can help you set a pace, push your power, or stage an interval.  Same goes for the Leaderboard – while displaying your power, speed, and energy, you and your instructor will use the board to help you excel.  Not competitive?  Know you can enjoy the ride without being on the big screen as well while still having the luxury of stats on your personal bike.

How do I set up my bike?
As much as you can, get to class 10-minutes early.  From there, the instructor will help you set up your bike for a safe and effective 45-minutes ride.  Always make sure you feel comfortable on the bike.

Do I need Cycling Shoes?
No, sneakers are fine!

Which Door Should I Use?
The Cycling Studio is in Suite 105, so when you’re looking at our building, it’s the last door on the right. That door will have our cycling logo on it.  If for some reason it’s locked when you get there, come see us in Suite 103.

Wait, I’m not ready to be on the Leaderboard! Can I still come?
Of course! We have the Leaderboard set up as a tool. It’s there to push you and help you track your progress. We understand that some people don’t want to be on it! The back row of bikes in the Spin Room is not on the screen, so get there early and take one of those. Remember that not everyone pays attention to that, most people are only focusing on themselves, don’t be intimidated!

I never do cardio, can I still take a class?
That tells us that you need cycling classes in your life… cardio is so important and can make a big difference in your fitness routine! Yes, jump into any class you want! The beauty of the classes at H2L Studio, including spinning / cycling, is that you can make the class whatever you want it to be. Take the challenges the instructor offers you if you feel up to it! It’s a practice, remember that you can work up to higher numbers the more you attend!

Can we do Private Events in the Cycling Room?
Yes! Those are some of our favorite events. Looking for something to do for a fundraiser, birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party idea in Harrisburg?  Cycling classes are the perfect way to bond as a group.. friend who sweats together, stay together!

We welcome you to schedule a private event, we can make the ride exactly what you want it to be, tailored to your favorite music or theme. Email to work out the details.

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Cycle FAQ

We know you have questions, so we made a list of answers! We know a new fitness class, can be nerve wracking but we are here to help.

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