Why Community Matters

Every year when we’re getting ready to throw on our party hats and celebrate another year of H2Ling I like to sit down and think about what’s changed or inspired me this year. My yearly blog post looking back at this place.

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No one should go at this alone. This whole life thing. This whole fitness thing. This whole everything thing.

When we opened H2L 7 years ago…

(Hold on. 7 years ago? Where does the time go? But, I digress.)

When we opened H2L 7 years ago one of our main goals was to build a community where people felt welcomed and safe. Where they left feeling better than they came. May that be physically, mentally, or emotionally. 

I’ve seen relationships build in front of my eyes. Clients who walk into a class knowing no one, and in a few weeks or months they are literally meeting up for coffee (or happy hour!). 

I’ve heard friendly banter from the other side of the room of what sounds like two people who have been friends for years, only to realize, they just met in TRX last month. 

That’s what makes a community. 

So, why does community matter? Why should we all strive to become a part of something? 

Now, more than ever before, we’re missing out on those personal connections. We’re Zooming for work meetings and losing that before and after small talk. We’re getting groceries delivered to our doorsteps (nothing wrong with this, it’s seriously my favorite life hack) but we’re missing the casual “How are you’s” of the cashiers. We are more disconnected now than we have been with other humans, maybe ever.

We may not realize how much we thrive on a stranger’s compliment, a smile when someone holds the door for us, or something as simple as “Have a nice day!” on your way out of the Post Office. 

Community matters and here’s why:

You Can Build New Connections. When you get in a room full of people who are chasing similar goals, have some of the same values as you, you’re more likely to create lasting connections. You already have something in common, you care about your well-being. You’ll see their faces in classes and over time they become your friend and help keep you accountable. It’s really my favorite part of H2L. Watching these relationships bloom. I love hearing the chatter between clients and realizing they are friends because of us. Because of this place, there’s someone else in their life that cares for them. That’s magical. That’s a community. 

You Can Strengthen Current Relationships. Finding something you can do every day with people you care about is hard. H2L creates a space you can bring your spouse, siblings, coworkers, or friends. You can do something together and use this common ground to further your relationship and connection. Giving yourself and your friend something to do that is fun, improves your health, maybe even creates a little friendly competition (we know what happens when you get onto that bike seat!). You can strengthen the connections you have by bringing them into your community with you. 

You Will Find That You Belong. Being a part of a community connects us and gives us a sense of place and belonging. It builds you up because people around you care about you, they notice when you’re kicking ass on those Barre pulses or when you bump up to the heavier weights in Bootcamp. They notice when you’re gone for a week and ask about how your big work project went. You belong, you are accepted and you matter. That’s a community.

So yes, community matters. It matters now like it’s never mattered before. If you’re looking for something to connect you or something to bring a smile to your face. If you’re searching for some more friendships, some challenges, some comforts… I hope you find us and I hope you find that here. If you’ve been around this group of clients and instructors, you know what I mean. You’re in it! And, I have to say, I’m so glad you’re here. You are what makes this place so special. You are the bright spot in someone’s day even if you don’t realize it. You are why we, as instructors, do what we do.

Community matters. You are the community. I’m not sure ‘Thank You’ is enough, but I’ll give it a shot… Thank you. 

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