I look forward to our Birthday Celebration each year because, just like on your birthday, you get to hear from people you love. I look forward to doing these posts because I get to tell you all, and H2L how much this place means to me.

Year 1: 1 Year at H2L: What I’ve Learned
Year 2: A true list of what I love about H2L
Year 3: Change is Good! We’ve all had to try something new at some point
Year 4: Our team of instructors, the masters of their craft
Year 5: We support each other in each stage of life
Year 6: We’ve survived.
Year 7: Why Community Matters

Here we are, looking at Year 8:

Sometimes when I’m telling a story to my husband, mom, or friends out of town, I’ll say something like “Oh, my friend told me about that place!”

Which friend? Is sometimes the question, and more times than not the answer is “my friend from one of my classes.”

My husband always jokes, “are they your clients or your friends?” My friends.

After 8 years of H2Ling, I’ve acquired a lot of friends. I’ve met a lot of clients. I’ve made a lot of connections and I know you guys have too.

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Connections that have been life-changing. I know what we do changes lives. When we opened 8 years ago, we always said… We just want people to leave feeling better. We’ve worked to inspire and motivate physical, mental, and overall health and well-being. One thing we preach is the community that surrounds us is second to none. I stand by that because I can see the connections that have been made here. I see it every time I teach.

I see it when a client posts on Instagram that they are out to dinner with a friend, a friend they met at H2L.

I see it when I hear clients using each other’s first names, asking how their vacations were and connecting on a deeper level than, “hey, how are you?”

I see it in the client that made a friend here, who introduced her to her brother. The two are now engaged and expecting a baby! Talk about a life-changing connection!

I see it in the duo who bonded over a barre class, and became friends and one girl gave the other a direct connection of someone selling their house, knowing she was looking… Now they are neighbors!

I see it in the woman who got a referral for a job because they met in the Pilates Room.

I could go on, and on! 

Connections are everywhere, all the time… But more importantly, as we celebrate 8 years in business, they are here, at H2L.

There is nothing greater than being in a room full of people who strive to reach similar goals as you, but are also supportive of yours. To be next to someone who is radiating positive energy your way is enough to turn your whole day around. A room full of people searching for connections, friends, support, motivation, and more… That’s what we have here.

My point is, you never know when you walk into a class who you’ll connect with. You could be standing next to your newest BFF, your future boss, or who knows, your future spouse!

Connections are everywhere, all the time… I’m just glad I have a place where I can make them with people who share my interests and accept me for who I am. Thank YOU for being a part of that.

If you haven’t been yet, let’s connect.
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