Benefits of Low Impact Workouts

There are countless forms of exercise from walking, running, biking and swimming.  Even snow shoveling is considered exercise, we all know how exhausted we feel after plowing the driveway!  Much of the exercise we do though can be high impact and bad for our bodies in the long run.  High impact exercise such as running, tennis, and activities involving jumping all place an enormous amount of stress on our joints and can lead to injuries.  

For those who regularly complete high impact activities it is important to add in low impact workouts to decrease the amount of strain on your body.  Adding in low impact activities into your routine can decrease the damage to your joints, reduce stress and still improve cardiovascular health!  

The low impact on your joints allows for increased blood flow which can lead to more healing and less pain.  Lower impact exercises have also been shown to reduce stress and feelings of depression more than higher impact exercise because you are more likely to enjoy it and keep doing it!  Any kind of aerobic exercise will improve your cardiovascular health and so will low impact activities, as long as you are increasing your heart rate for an extended period of time you are doing your body good. (Cycling anyone?)

If your body aches during or after exercise or you want to prevent future damage begin adding low impact activities into your week!  Not sure what a low impact activity would be?

We’ve got lots of low impact options such as Pilates, barre, yoga, cycling and barefoot.


Join us this week to experience it your self!